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Anna and tradition

Tradition first of all

Alongside tradition, the laboratory offers the best technology makes available to the sector, such as 3D design and prototyping. However, the role of the goldsmith, his imagination, creativity and skill, always remain fundamental in the development of a jewel. The secret is knowing how to combine new technologies with tradition and the "know-how" that only an artisan goldsmith can have.

Look to the future
Custom creations
Look to the future
Custom creations
Look to the future
Custom creations

Find out who we are

The story of Anna Gioielli

Anna Gioielli is a “boutique workshop”. Anna opened her laboratory in 1988 and has capitalized on her long experience in the jewelery sector, passing on passion and expertise to her sons Fabio and Francesco.

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Our laboratory

Florentine craftsmanship

The laboratory, of which Fabio is the master goldsmith, creates exclusive objects made according to the canons of the Florentine goldsmith tradition, which stands out for the meticulous workmanship and the refined beauty of jewels in 750‰ gold or 925‰ silver adorned with precious or semi-precious stones. -precious, made with the fretwork, embossed, chisel and burin engraving techniques.

Let's create your jewel together

We will transform your idea into your jewel

In fact, we create exclusive jewels also upon specific requests, we also use and transform the customer's gold and stones.

White Gold Ring with Natural Diamonds in "Florentine Style"
"A Touch of Florentine Magic: White Gold Ring with Natural Diamonds"
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Our services

Repairs of jewelery and goldsmith items

Antique jewelery restoration

LASER welding on all types of metal

Gemmological consultancy and appraisals

Rhodium and gilding

Necklace threading

Stone engraving and setting

Production of silicone rubber molds