Come and discover ANNA GIOIELLI

Rediscover the goldsmith art of Florence

Florentine Excellence handy

Each of Anna's jewels is born in the heart of Florence, the cradle of craftsmanship and goldsmith art. Here, centuries-old tradition meets innovation, giving life to pieces that are much more than simple accessories: they are fragments of history, designed for those who appreciate eternal beauty and authentic craftsmanship.

Cultural Connection

Bring with you a piece of Florentine history, where art and beauty blend into timeless creations.

A Tradition That Is Renewed

Through the use of techniques passed down from generation to generation and the integration of contemporary elements, Anna Gioielli celebrates the rich Florentine goldsmith heritage. Each piece is designed for those who want to stand out, for those looking for a jewel that is not only beautiful to wear, but also full of meaning.

A Journey into Beauty

Our jewels are an invitation to travel through the timeless beauty of Florence, to discover its art, its history, and to take with you an indelible memory. Choosing an Anna jewel means embracing a piece of Italy, combining love for aesthetics and respect for quality craftsmanship.

Art Meets Passion

In our laboratory, where the goldsmith's art merges with the passion for beauty, each jewel becomes an ambassador of a timeless art. Anna Gioielli proudly carries on the Florentine artisan tradition, infusing each creation with a piece of history and culture. With an obsessive attention to detail and a deep love for the art of the beautiful country, we offer not just a jewel, but an experience that connects the wearer with the elegance and refinement of Florence.