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The Beauty of the Classic: Light Point Pendant in White Gold with Brilliant"

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Material: White gold
Stone: Diamond

Classic light point pendant in white and brilliant gold is a jewel of timeless elegance. This ring features a minimalist and refined design, featuring a diamond set in the center of an 18K white gold setting.

The high-quality diamond is carefully selected for its brilliance and perfect cut, which give the jewel an exceptional luminosity and sophisticated elegance.

The white gold frame, made with high quality craftsmanship. 

This jewel is perfect for those who love the simplicity and elegance of classic design and want a jewel that is both discreet and impactful.


  • Gold 750‰ gr. 4.00
  • Ct. 0.50
  • Natural brilliant cut diamond of high quality: Color FG Clarity VS.

Approximately 20 days must pass from the moment of purchase for the creation of the jewel.

Material: White gold
Stone: Diamond
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Anna Gioielli

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