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"Pendant in Gold and Silver with Reproduction of the Ancient Florentine Florin"

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Material: Gold and silver

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  • Silver 925‰ Tot. Gr. 7:16.
  • 750‰ gold
  • 4 Diamonds 0.08 ct

925‰ Silver Chain of 50 cm. made in Venetian style.

Handcrafted in our laboratory.

Brief history of the Florentine Fiorino:
The first florin was minted in 1252 in Florence. The name derives from the lily symbol of the city. Thanks to the increasingly influential banking power of Florence, the florin became the most used trading currency in Europe.
The florin was one of the first gold coins to be minted in Italy after the fall of the Roman Empire. The use of gold in European coinage was made possible by the resumption of trade with North Africa, from which the majority of the gold used for coins and trade came.“
The florin was made of pure 24 karat gold. The very high purchasing power of the currency imposed the use of various submultiples, such as the silver florin and the copper florin, also called "black florin" due to the color it took on over time.

Material: Gold and silver
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